The world GenXia is creator protected, copyright to Malin Grön. Images within the project are either hand made or generated in the AI tool midjourney with full licens right for usage of the AI, or firefly/adobes AI. All images are edited and altered by hand as well.

All images for Api - The comic relief are drawn by hand or in Procreate, and contains no AI images. If you would like to come in contact with Malin, please leave a note below. 
Thank you!
When using any prompt based AIs I use to add "In the style of X X and X" this gives a fairly good result in the genre I'm looking for, without coming to close to anyones personal style. Especially if you mix a variety of artists and avoid certain artists. For instance, adding the artist Alphonse Muncha to a style guide at the end of a prompt will yield ornated images, but not necessarily art nouveau style images. I often make images, using this method, then use the images itself, edit it, paint on it, and use it as an image based prompt. 
Here you can read a blog on my usage of AI to build characters: Heybaberiba Blog

Inspiration or simply "stuff I love" I guess its impossible to love something without it rubbing off on you.
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